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tv   wusa 9 News at 7pm  CBS  July 16, 2014 7:00pm-7:26pm EDT

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a failing slope. good evening. i'm jan jeffcoat. >> i'm derek mcginty. tonight residents on piscataway drive could learn the fate of their homes some two months after the same homes started slip sliding away. wusa9's mola lenghi is at tonight's meeting. >> reporter: the meeting that will start in a couple minutes at the rec center in ft. washington is the latest in a series of informative community meetings between county officials, the engineering firm they hired and homeowners themselves. there have been about half a dozen meetings in the last two months. each one has been more telling and of more important than the one before it -- and more important than the one before it, but tonight could be the most important one as these homeowners could really learn their fate, whether or not the county found the rest of the money needed to fix the landslide on piscataway drive or if the county will have to buy out homeowners or another new option altogether. you might remember this began two months ago when according to an engineering report
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commissioned by the county, heavy rainfall triggered a slow moving landslide. some homeowners questioned whether it was, in fact, due to the rain or county negligence built up over years and years, but either way more than two dozen houses have been impacted. six houses are deemed unlivable and are directly threatened by the slide while 22 others are unsafe because sewer and water had been temporarily disconnected. the engineering firm determined it would cost about $22 million to stablize this moving ground and would take several more months. the county says that they can spare about $11 million, about half of what it would take to fix this, but no more. so they've turned to the state and federal agencies for the rest of the money, but they have hinted the last month or so it's really unlikely for either the state or the feds to foot the remainder of the bill. homeowners we've spoken to in the last two months have varying opinions what should be done, but the common thread in all this is they want a
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solution and they want it now. some homeowners say they want the county to figure out how to fix this, come up with the money as long as it's no cost to the homeowners, fix it and let us back into our houses while the others say if you have to beep us out at a fair price, so -- buy us out at a fair price, so be it, but let's get on with it. so these homeowners are expecting to find out their ultimate fate in the next few minutes. in ft. washington, mola lenghi, wusa9. what a conference 24 hours makes, feels like we're in new england, nice refreshing air mass. everybody is in the 70s, even downtown into manassas, 77 leesburg, 75 in gaithersburg. we have a nice dry air mass, low humidity. that means it can cool off quickly and warm up quickly but never be uncomfortable getting into thursday and friday. here's your futurecast. pay attention to temps really. 8:00 tonight 77 downtown, 74 in
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gaithersburg, by 10:00 it's 75 downtown, but in the 60s already if you're walking the dog and tomorrow morning grab your shades, maybe a light sweater, temperatures low 60s in the burbs, upper 60s downtown. we'll let you know how long this will last and we have only storms on our seven-day. new findings raising cause for concerns after the train derailment and deaths for two college girls in ellicott city. there are questions about rail safety in this historic town which is tightly packed against the tracks. >> reporter: i'm scott broom in ellicott city, maryland, where there are new safety concerns about the railroad after new released documents from the national transportation safety board that came in the wake of a derailment tragedy that killed two college friends here. killed the night of august 21st, 2012, were elizabeth nass and rose mayr trespassing on the railroad trestle. they were there when a passing train derailed and buried them
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in tons of coal just before midnight. new documents include photos of a fractured rail and show drainage around the rail bed failing, trains running over mud. los angeles-based attorney ron goldman spoke via skype today. >> they knew there was trouble on this section of the track. they had installed a patch apparently on that section of the track. >> reporter: the ntsb also found inspections were up to date. the train was running below the speed limit. the crew was sober and paying attention. the brakes were working. still it was not enough to prevent tragedy. in ellicott city, maryland, scott broom, wusa9. >> in a written statement csx railroad cautioned the ntsb has not issued its final report. the company said its focus remains on safety and sympathy toward the families of the girls who died. after criticizing the obama gornor martin o'malley catching some criticism of his own. last week o'malley spoke out against the proposal to deport
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the unaccompanied minors coming across the border, but then he asked the government not to send any of those kids to western maryland. the heated conversation between o'malley and a white house advisor happened in a phone call late friday night. an o'malley official confirms that it happened but said the governor was open to housing the illegal migrants in other places in the state. inside the white house the president was meeting with members of the hispanic caucus trying to find some way to move this issue forward. while on the outside dozens of d.c. residents and virginia were holding a rally asking their families not to be split up with many children born here while their parents were in this country illegally. >> i think the people who want to deport all the immigrants are wrong because we are working very hard here in this country. they think we are criminals, but it's not true. we came here to work. we didn't come here to hurt >>h
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been heightened the last several weeks because of the influx in children coming across the southwestern border. president obama asked congress for $2 billion just to process those 52,000 children. a tsa agent in orlando sparked a lot of web charter when he did not recognize the new d.c. driver's license. a reporter and d.c. resident showed it as id at orlando's international airport. >> tsa says it was a rare mistake. bruce johnson reports d.c. residents are not so sure. >> reporter: that's rochelle king at the dmd today. the northeast resident says when she travels abroad, she packs two d.c. driver's licenses, the old one which says washington d.c., and the new one which says the district of columbia. >> it's black and white and the other one was violet color. >> reporter: which do you like? >> my old license. >> reporter: she leaves on
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vacation soon and has heard the report of the tsa agent who did not recognize the new d.c. driver's license. >> because i'm going to travel tomorrow out of the country and i didn't know if they would recognize the new one. >> reporter: transportation security administration spokesperson telling usa today there have been only two incidents reported of tsa agents not recognizing the new d.c. driver's license. she says passengers may have been held up for all of 30 seconds until a supervisor was able to put another set of eyes on the ids, but since this story was put on the web it's gone viral and they're getting complaints from other federal territory like puerto rico and guam with the very same problem. bruce johnson, wusa9. >> now d.c. dmv officials would not go on camera, but a spokesperson tells wusa9 the tsa was notified when the new d.c. driver's licenses were first issued several months ago. beamers now under recall, after the break the safety concern that has half a million
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of those fancy bmws on the list. >> making sure teens stay safe, if that happens, we'll share best cars for new drivers and the questions you should ask when shopping. you're watching wusa9 and your
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it is an eyesore, dangerous and it's driving some pedestrians crazy, those sidewalk metal doors that lead underground. >> this 1 rusted, full of holes and sits right in the middle of a busy downtown d.c. spot where a lot of regular folks walk past it every day. >> reporter: i'm debra alfarone talking to people at 14th and g streets northwest about this rusty busted eyesore. >> looks dangerous. >> definitely dangerous. >> looks dangerous. >> reporter: this is what it looked like when jeannette tejada gomez who works at aaa
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mid-atlantic's nearby headquarters filed a service request with ddot in early june. >> within a few days ddot painted orange xs, placed more cones and signs, but it's been over a month. >> reporter: today those cones sit on the side leaving this hole exposed to walkers. >> that's what lawyers call a tort waiting to happen. >> reporter: ddot says this is actually a vault used for deliveries to this building. problem is the building is vacant, so ddot needs to figure out who owns it so they can pay for the repairs to the vault. it could take up to 90 days. debra alfarone, wusa9. >> ddot also told debra they do not believe the vault is an imminent danger or about to collapse, but they'll check on it every so often to make sure the cones are in place while they locate the building's owner. got a road or safety problem? head over to fill out the form. we'll get on it. a consumer alert tonight
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for bmw owners, the automaker recalling 1.5 million of the 3 series vehicles because of air bag safety concerns. the air bags are made by the same company involved in some of gm's recent recalls. the recall involves models 2000 through 2006. no matter what car you're driving we know gas prices may be driving you crazy. tonight we can save you a buck a gallon in southeast washington. bp by fort dupont park on alabama and massachusetts cheapest gas, 3.66 a gallon. 12 minutes away almost $1 more, the exxon on pennsylvania and fourth street selling regular unleaded at 4.60 a gallon. you know wusa9 is committed to helping you save on your gas money all summer featuring the cheapest and most expensive prices for your comparison across the viewing area. a 16-year-old hitting the road is frightening in and of
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itself. now safety officials have come up with a way to ease your parental mind. >> the insurance institute for highway safety has crash tested dos of used cars to find -- dozens of used cars to find the best ones for teenage drivers. here are a few on the list released today, 2011 volkswagen jetta, volvo 680, dodge avenger, honda pilot. these vehicles were reasonably priced and reliable. >> experts say when you are shopping for a kid's car, parents should look for side air bags and electronic stability control and stay away from cars with a lot of horsepower because teens will want to test the limits. >> no. >> yes. find the full list of the best cars for teens, head over to, but keep this in mind, big, ugly, slow. i'm meterologist topper
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shutt, just a refreshing air mass, how long it's go
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do you guys do instant hey, i losreplacement?ard. (snap!) what just happened? check your wallet. no. way. your debit card should arrive in 7-10 business days. it's time to bank human again. get debit cards on the spot, and no monthly fee checking with just a $100 minimum balance at td bank. america's most convenient bank. keeping your family safe with weather call, a custom message sent to your phone when severe weather is in your neighborhood, wusa9 first alert weather. >> whole lot of weather calls likely went out yesterday, but today the only danger we're tracking is too much sunshine
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for you. >> exactly. i called myself a lot yesterday. that sound weird, but it's true. today we are in great shape and really for the rest of the week, low humidity and comfortably warm, let's start with a live look outside, our live, michael and son weather cam, high temperature today 82, 79 downtown, humidity still 39%. that's fantastic and winds out of the north, northwest at 9. that's a good deal. temps a few 80s but really talking 70s. 81 in college park, 80 in rockville, 73 in reston, 76 toward fairfax, springfield 74, 77 toward andrews. we earned this break. you can rest the ac tonight and tomorrow night, 50s and 60s, warm but not humid on friday. we talked about this earlier. it's a dry air mass, so it can heat up quickly and cool off quickly. isolated thunderstorm over the weekend. now i would not alter your plans. take in the nats friday,
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saturday and sunday and nats on 9 saturday and sunday. here are the temperatures. that's all we're tracking for a while. i am happy about that. 8:00 tonight it's 69 downtown, mid-60s in the burbs. by 10:00, a little walk after dinner, low 70s in the burbs, mid-70s downtown -- excuse me, this is tomorrow morning at 10:00, i'm sorry. 71 in gaithersburg and leesburg. in the afternoon still nice, only low 80s downtown and upper 70s in the burbs. by 5:00 heading home temperatures either side of 80. i wouldn't worry too much about the sprinkles. most of those stay well south of us. by 8:00 tomorrow night only in the 70s, 76 downtown, low to mid-70s in the burbs. take your walk tomorrow night after dinner, temperatures low 70s in the burbs, mid-70s downtown. doesn't get a whole lot nicer than that. break this down, to start we have 60s, city temps, at 7:00 and 71 by 9:00, 77 by 11:00,
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and 81, still very comfortable by 1 p.m. next three days beautiful tomorrow, 84, still nice friday, 85. tucking in a little tiny thunderstorm mainly well west of town, still nice saturday 85, just a slight chance of a thunderstorm. next season days looks like this. sunday thunderstorm possible, 85 and then isolated storm monday, little better chance for storms tuesday and wednesday, temperatures inching up to 90. now we're confident the games will get in on saturday and sunday. at the all-star break the nationals are tied for first with the atlanta braves in the nl east. >> sounds great. in today's inside pitch holden kushner and dave owens are talking about the things that have gone well and what the team's big problems have been so far. >> let's talk about the first half. your biggest story line of the first half of thseason thus far?
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>> i think the injuries withstanding the jordan zimmermann injury, gio gonzalez goes on the dl right when doug fister came back, bryce harper missing most of the season. ryan zimmerman, wilson amos, edema laroche have been on the dl -- adam laroche have been on the dl and even denard span. >> you and i are the only two healthy people. >> that, rendon and werth and believe it or not werth not being injured. >> despite all those injuries that you talk about, the be abl afloat. >> they have. big reason why is the bullpen may be the best in major league baseball. three guy could have been on the all store team, soriano, storen and clippard. adam laroche has carried this team offensively and the starting pitching you've had
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stephen strasburg up and down, and then throw in tanner roark and jordan zimmerman. things have pieced together for the nats. >> get back to the starting pitching. rate how they've been in this first half. >> very good. i would give them a b, b plus to this point. >> strasburg has had some underlying statistics that have made it not as aesthetically pleasing but has pitched well. jordan zimmermann all-star worthy all-star pitched very well. tanner roark as good as there is in the league, gio started to find his groove and fister has been miraculous since coming off the dl. >> if you had to pick an mvp the first half it would be? >> rendon. offensively carried the team up there and in all the offensive categories as a leader. defensively spectacular at third and second base, very versatile. this is a guy that has been the most valuable player to me in the first half. >> that was dave owens with mr. kushner. the nats hit the field again
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friday here in d.c. taking on the central division leader, the milwaukee brewers. nasa is recreating history one small step at a time. next the way you can relive the moment the first man landed on the moon. >> you are
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